Magnetic induction type proximity switch

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It is that one specializes in various imported electronic measurement that good China creates the electromechanical plant Co., Ltd. in Beijing, the automatic instrument sells the high-tech enterprise with the technical service. Mainly deal in the pressure instrument, thermometer, pressure switch, display unit, sensor, Coder, flow indicator, PLC servomotor and other thing flow control products,etc.. Our products are applied to petrochemical industry, electricity, chemical industry, steel, microelectronics, semiconductor, hydraulic pressure extensively, refrigerate and heating, trades such as the ultra high voltage equipment,etc..

The company manages the advantage brand mainly:

Germany: Thai Cohan (TECSIS) , exchange the good fortune door 'IFM) , Siemens (SIEMENS) , double the good fortune 'Beckhoff) , Palestine Rupf (Balluff) , precious the Supreme Being 'Burkert) , Tuerk (TURCK) , extraordinarily good fortune(P+F)

U.S.A.: Nation receive 'Banner) , Huo Ni Weill (Honeywell) , MTS, GE, Rockwell( AB)

In addition Snide 'Schneider) , horizontal the intersection of rivers and creeks and appearance, Shi Ke 'SICK) , should department (ELCO) , Omron (OMRON)

GermanyThe intersection of E and +H, Shi step and have a match 'Schmersal) , fort alliance (Baumer) , the wrestler is happy 'Rexroth) When.

The company manages the superior products mainly:

Germany exchanges the good fortune door IFM products:

Proximity switch IGC225, IIS211, IG5842, IGS204, IB5063, IC5005, IGT201;

Temperature sensor: TR2432, TN2530, TN7531, TK6130, TT1250, TS2051;

Pressure capsule: PN5002, PN5004, PY7000, PK6520, PK6830, PP7550;

Photo-sensor: OGP200, OG5119, OGH500, OK5003, 05P200, OJ5002;

Flow sensor: SI5010, SI6200, SF5800, SF2405, SD2000, SD5100;

The sensor of the valve: IN5323, IN5225, IN0108, AC2315, NN5008, IX5006;

Laser sensor: OGS701, OGP700, OJ5041, OJ5020, O1D101, O5E700;

Liquid level sensor: LI2041, LK1222, LR3300, LL8022, LT8024, LI5144;

Coder: RM3001, RC1014, RB1015, RU1024, RV6001, RA6029, RO6324;

Safe module: G1501S

Bond-linkage element: EVC006, EVC004, EVT001, EVT004, E11509, E11252,etc..

Contact: Zhao YuMei, Tel.: 010-84783099; 13810695715 faxes: 010-84783098

Thai Cohan TECSIS products in Germany:

Pressure gauge: P1454, P1710; Pressure switch: S4150/S4250/S4350; Pressure capsule: P3297; Pressure transmitter: S2400/S2410/S2420; Bimetal thermometer: S6250; Temperature switch,etc..

Omron (OMRON) Sensor: E2A-M12KS04-M1-B1 E2A-M12KS04-M1-B2 E2CA-AL4C E2CA-AL4D E2CA-AL4F DC12-24 E2CA-AN4C E2E2-X10Y1 2M E2E2- X10Y1 2M(Q) E2E2-X10Y1 35M E2E2-X10Y1 5M E2E2-X10Y1 5M(Q) E2E2-X10Y1-US 2M(Q)

Tuerk (TURCK) Proximity switch BI2U-EH6.5-AN6X BI2U-EH6.5-AN6X-V1131 NI6U-EH6.5-AN6X-V1131 BI4U-M12-AP6X NI15U-M18-AN6X S18SN6D/S18SP6D NI15-M30-AD4X BI2-M12-AN6X-H1141 BI5-M18E-AP6X-H1141 BI10-M30-AN6X BI10-M30-RN6X BI2-G12-AP6X

The products of Snide:

Control device BMXP342020, BMXCPS2000, BMXXBP1200; Snide PLC: BMXCPS2000, BMXXBP0400, BMXDDI6402K, BMXART0814, BMXFCW301S; The protector of the electrical machinery: GV2ME16C, GV2ME20C, circuit breaker: NSE100N3100, NSE160N3160, NSE250N3200; Contact apparatus: LC1-D12M7C, LC1-D17000M7C, LC1-D18M7C, LC1-D95M7C;

Receive BANNER in the Nation of U.S.A.:

Receive the sensor in the Nation: QS186E/QS18VN6R, SBRXF1, IT210S, L16FAL, RF1-2NPS, SBEXF, PBT-1, 1T218SM900, 1T26SM900, PBP, LM3,etc..

The remarks: Limit switches, limit switches of our company OMRON; The wrestler happy Rexroth's products; Servomotor of Siemens, PLC; Some daily type products such as the proximity switch of IFM, the sensor, flow switch,etc. are preserved from stock, can call to consult while welcoming you!

Good China creates the electromechanical plant Co., Ltd. in Beijing

Address: Floor 1105 10, Building 5 of street No. 6 institute of open and east mound of Chaoyang District of Beijing

Tel.: 010-84783099; 13810695715

Fax: 010-84783098

Postbox: QQ: 1601885354

Contact: Zhao YuMei
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