Apparatus of caloric value of coalCaloric value instrument

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ZDHW-6 type intellectual calorimeter

Function characteristic

Adopt the intersection of one-chip computer and technology develop, precision high, performance steady, systematic constant and experimental result can keep and lose electricity, lose for a long time.

Adopt 240* 128 liquid crystals to reject Chinese to reveal, operation is ocular and convenient. Furnished with the miniature printer.

Adopt pair and pop one's head and examine warmly, does not need to regulate the water temperature.

Accord with national standard the intersection of GB/T213-2003 and requirement of " caloric value of coal determine the method ".

Technical indicator

Examine the warm range: 10-38 ¡æ

Examine the warm resolution ratio: >0.001 ¡æ

Determine the error:< 0.3%

The consumption of the complete machine:< 30W

Power voltage: AC220V¡À 10% 50Hz

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