Frequency converter specialized cable of limited company of Shenyang cable

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The cable factory of Shenyang has already to produce the frequency converter specialized cable had a history of nearly 60 years, had exported to countries such as Russia,etc. in large batches recently, have got the travelling trader's praise and trust. Control the development of transmission technology with the frequency, the requirements for transmission of changing speed of the frequency are higher and higher, especially to adopt the intersection of IG BT and the intersection of semiconductor and modern the intersection of frequency conversion and technology that switch over fast, the intersection of pulse and the intersection of frequency and within millisecond only high or more broken time, but they will produce the positive magnetic field to the surrounding environment. In order to keep the frequency converter working normally, free from interruption by electric magnetic field, so connect the frequency converter and exchange the cable between the electrical machineries and demand to have interference-free performance, lower effective electric capacity and lower transmission impedance with three phases. . Frequency converter specialized cable (commonly called as adding shielding 3 large 3s small) WDZ-BPYJVP 1-2 3* 150+3* 25WDZ-BPYJVP 1-2 3* 50+3* 10WDZ-BPYJVP 1-2 3* 2.5+3* 0.5One: Characteristic of the products and use: This product is suitable for exchanging specified voltage 0.6/1KV and following frequency conversion control system to function as and supply power the cable or electricity is connected, the products have the more strongly one that is able to bear the voltage, the pulse voltage when can stand frequency conversion, the cable has good shielding nature, and it is electromagnetic to dispel effectively and interfere with, reduce the electrical machinery noise of frequency conversion, the security system runs steadily. Used in metallurgy, electricity, papermaking machinery extensively. Trades such as the petrochemical industry,etc.. 1.The products have form with symmetrical structure. 2.The products have even impedance. 3.The products have fine interference-free performance. The products have good shielding structure: (1)Guarantee the shielding layer of certain thickness; (2)Adopt the double layers to shield the compound structure, the good shielding has prevented the interference of the electric magnetic field of the external world effectively, 4. The sum of the inner electric current of concentric conductor of shielding layer is zero, do not produce to external world electromagnetically and interfere with. 5.Frequency conversion cable, as industrial one of cable, with corresponding cable performance require at the same time, 6.Consider frequency conversion cable need electric performance that possess, frequency conversion cable adopt HDPE/pp often as insulating, contribute to reducing the working electric capacity of the products like this, improve the insulating resistance of the products, the ones that improved the products were able to bear the voltage characteristic. 7.When the frequency conversion cable needs to possess the relevant fire-retardant or refractory characteristic, adopt the insulating structure of fire-retardant polyolefine, adopt the refractory layer of glimmer and wind the bag, the copper wire is woven etc.. Two: The products carry out the standard: The fire-retardant refractory characteristic test carries out the GB12666-90 standard three: Application characteristic 1. Exchange the specified voltage: U0/U 0.6/1KV highest working temperature: Fluorine insulating 200 ¡æ and 260 ¡æ and two kinds 46Polyvinyl chloride is insulating 70 ¡æ Hand in and unite polyethylene 90 ¡æ cable and is installed and should not be lower than ¡æ0 to lay the temperature. The cable allows the crooked radius: It is 10 times of the cable external diameter that the cable is minimumTelephone number: 024-82062199

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