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From the principle of the coupling voltage transformer| QZBFrom the coupling voltage transformer| SZGFrom the coupling voltage transformer|From the voltage transformer producer of coupling-4006993889

The voltage regulator commutate the steady voltage plug three-phase voltage stabilizer of voltage transformer and isolate voltage stabilizer Chinese voltage stabilizer voltage stabilizer of voltage transformer price of electric voltage stabilizer of the voltage transformer voltage stabilizer price to exchange steadily Rise or fall used mainly in the voltage of 50Hz/60Hz industrial power consuming is used to press power LW-SZG; Input voltage, 380 admit defeat, happen the intersection of voltage and 220V, 200V, 110V,etc., and import equipment form a complete set, use generally. LW-QZB series suitable for, exchange 50Hz the intersection of coupling and voltage transformer, specified the intersection of voltage and 380V, power the intersection of three-phase and the intersection of mouse and cage type of 14KW-300KW the intersection of reaction and motor step down starting frequently, in order to the impact on network of transmitting electricity while improving the motor to start. Applicable range: Series LW-QZB are applicable from the coupling voltage transformer and 380V50Hz power is in 300KW and the following three-phase mouse cage type reaction motor, starting of depressurization used for frequently operating under the condition; Utilize the characteristic stepping down from the coupling voltage transformer, lower the starting electric current of the motor, in order to the impact on network of transmitting electricity while improving the motor to start. Structural characteristic: There are this serial voltage transformers 65% ( 60% ) ,80% two groups start voltage and take a percentage, if need to be smaller and can be selected for use while starting the torque 65% ( 60% ) Take a percentage, can select for use, 80% take a percentage at the big torque. This voltage transformer can assemble and reduce pressure from coupling in series XJ01, J11 as the main fittings in the starting case.

LW-SG, DG series three phases and single relevant type isolate the voltage transformer, the function that this serial voltage transformers not merely vary voltage in the electric wire netting, the ones that still protect the machine and produce generate heat and the life-span of the insulating material is reduced. Especially suitable for import equipment to use ' 380V enters 220V appears, 380V enters The output 220V of any voltage enters Any voltage is exported) Between the specification 1KVA-600KVAs, series LW-SG, DG are dry to isolate the voltage transformer and are extensively suitable for exchanging 50- 60HZ, input, the intersection of output and voltage less than various three phases of 500V, power occasion. Have applicable to support extensive can bear, overload, can work, fire prevention dampproof, safe and reliable, energy-conservation and maintaining the convenient characteristic continuously for a long time instantlying.

Products input sum output voltage ( Single-phase, three phases or many ways are input and exported etc.) ,Link the way, regulate and take a percentage in the position, the winding capacity is distributed, the secondary winding is allocated, exterior a case ' Choose according to different environment for use) ,Can carry on meticulous design and manufacture products characteristic according to the request of user: The energy-conserving low noise is adopted the high-quality cold-reduced silicon sheet pile and held; Adopt and soak specially and paint the craft to deal with, has reduced vibrations and noise while running effectively; Introduction of new craft, new technology that and adopt the high temperature resistant insulating material to be designed,etc., make the intersection of voltage transformer and energy-conservation, further quieter further. The energy-conserving low noise coil leaves and ventilates the trough, the air flow is unblocked, reduce the coil temperature effectively.The high dependability structure is rational, high in efficiency, the wave form is undistorted, it is convenient and reliable to use, can run for a long time, the index of performance totally accords with the standard requirement of GB/6450 dry electric voltage transformer. -Voltage stabilizer

The main products of company are as follows, exchange voltage stabilizer, alternating current steady voltage plug, voltage transformer, voltage regulator, voltage stabilizer, going against becoming device, direct current source, emergency supply,etc.. .

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