Air filter element of the gas turbine

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Bazhou of Hebei fits the filter element millowner industry to produce: Dusting filter element, air filter element, various machine diesel oil filter elements, hydraulic filter element, the heterotypic filter element of special type, nearly more than 1800 kinds product specifications.

The technology of our factory is rich, self-contained. Besides fixed specification filter element, can design processing and making to order other formal filter elements according to the customer's demand.

There are products now as follows: One: Air inlet dusting filter element of the compressor, oil cleaner, oil and gas separator:
The intersection of Ingle and blue compressor, Atlass' compressor Suo, reply and hold compressor, health
General Erik's compressor, longevity strength compressor, treasure colt's compressor, swan's compressor, triumphant Sa's compressor, Hitachi compressor, reaching various China such as compressor, rock field compressor, Mitsui compressor to produce the imported screw bolt compressor richly.

Two: The industrial dusting, powder retrieve the filter element series
Project rig dust collection case specialized filter element ' The specification type is complete)
The production line of cigarette retrieves raw materials, purify dusting
The production line of pharmacy retrieves raw materials, purify dusting
Stir and retrieve raw materials, purify dusting with concrete
The flue gas filters one tube of energies in the plasma welding shop, production lines such as cement, chemical industry, machinery, the glass,etc. retrieve raw materials, purify dusting
Can substitute the import in the type straight China of Taiwan, the intersection of Taiwan and the intersection of country and spring, mother, letter, person, fine long hair of Golden Horse, reach, the intersection of letter and 2000 type, the intersection of West Germany and Wagner, up to in accordance with Luis by Britain, promise of U.S.A., promise of U.S.A., Will of Italian.

Third, import the high-efficient filter core China of compressed gas and produce the series of melting (including gas station apparatus filter element)
U.S.A. new series Hankison, U.S.A. old style series Hankison, Britain Domnick hunter Company's series, West Germany Ultrafilter Company's series, Italian Hiross Company series, Germany Zender Company's series, Japan SMC Company's series, Italian BEA Company series, Swedish Atlas-Copco Company series.

Four: China produces, imports the heavy card;
Then very much, red rock, Man Ou, the intersection of and majestic northern Benz, Volvo, the north 374 - 3307, safe to ask draw, Mitsubishi, the intersection of Japan and wild, Isuzu Motors, Nissan, Daewoo, modern, pairs of dragon in weight

Five: Import the scoop dredge:
PC200-2, -3, -5, -6, -7, PC220-7, PC100, PC300-5, -6, PC400-5, -6, EX200-2, EX200-5, EX100, EX300-3, -5, EX330, EX400, CAT320, 320B, 320C, 320BL, E200B, E300B, CAT330, Sumitomo 280, Sumitomo 300, Daewoo 280, Daewoo 220, 300-5 of Daewoo, 130, modern modern 210, 220-3, - 5, 210 of Samsung, adding and making room 400, 700, 820,
1250,Supernatural steel 200, 230, 330,etc..

Six: Engineering machinery:
Upper firewood D6114, 6135, the intersection of Wei and the intersection of firewood and too Sri Lankan, loader of Feitian's Europe strength, strange KLD85Z loader of Sichuan of Japan, 75B loader, work of nature 160A, 160B, PY180 grader, blue road roller of Ingle's cable, road roller of BMW, DD110, CC21, the avenue depends on the thatch, ABG423 paver, graceful brand paver, mixing machine of Luoyang BMW, Harlan's mixing machine, Commings 3261, 3256, the mountain pushes D85-18, TY160, TY220, D60, D80-12, D8L, T170, T330, declares and pushes T140-1, - 2, TY165, TY165A, T165-1, ZY65,etc..

Seven: The series of forklift truck:
Loose, take forklift truck, series TCM, Daewoo forklift truck series, forest forklift truck etc. in Toyota, Isuzu Motors, north forks, men small.

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