Favourable SS-4.0 mortar percolation apparatus of special price

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Facility type: SS-4.0 SS-4.0 mortar percolation apparatus used in mortar impervious characteristic and impervious determination that marked of test piece. Main technical parameter: Maximum allows the pressure 147* 104 Pa. Water pump parameter plunger diameter 10mm, ram is reciprocal frequency 54 times /divide,flowing 0.1 liters /divide. Try the mould geometric dimensions ¦µ 70* 80* 30mm. Once and several 6 components of test; Automatic constant voltage and manual constant voltage; Size 550* 500* 810mm of the appearance; Weight about 70Kg; Geotechnological instrument, concrete instrument, cement instrument, pitch instrument, and set up various laboratories for you. Website: http://www.lhsyj.cn Tel.: 0531-82986774

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