Thin copper wire wire drawing machine

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24 incoming line thread diameters ¦µ 0.09 - ¦µ 0.30mm of most eyes moduli of single variable frequency control of digital control power control of automatically controlled way electrical machinery matching test / computer of JCJX- 24VX copper wire wire drawing machine parameter Finished thread diameter ¦µ 0.03 - linear speed MAX of ¦µ 0.07 mm maximum. 1500m/min machinery reduce surface lead 8% the intersection of constant speed and wheel reduce surface lead 6% the intersection of organism and structural iron plate weld annealing treatment stretch line wheel gush out porcelain stretch line wheel stretch the intersection of line and maximum, 4KW of power, stretch ¦µ of line wheel diameter 120mm A diameter ¦µ 120mm of constant speed coils the axle size ¦µ 200 mm or appoints the winding way to carry heart urgent type wound cable way stepping motor + ball threaded bolt transmission form of screw bolt in accordance with the customer The flat belt coils and controls the cone pulley to control the tension to adjust way cone pulley + speed-reduction motor maximum loadcarrying ability 5-12KG and stretch the line lubricating method spraying type and make dynamic electricity magnetic brake and use the electricity Press 380V50/60HZ and stretch the weight 1500KG of the machine of exterior size 1825*1600*1900 of 20 liters per minute of oil content of line

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