Ion air blower, the air blower of suspension type of Beirne of Zhengzhou ion, the X eliminator of Beirne of Zhengzhou

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BE-001 single head ion air blower

BE-001 desk-top ion air blower, can dispel or neutralize the static of the wide-range, it is the accurate electronic product, electronic packaging, medicine make assemble line, print, pack and ideal X eliminator that tiny product shape.

Technical parameter:

Operating voltage (operating voltage)

110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Current consumption (consuming current)

0.25A or 0.12A

Operating Temperature (operating temperature)

0-50 ¡æ

Size (exterior size)

180* 250* 110MM

Weight (weight)


Air Volume (air flow)


Offset Voltage (residual voltage)

0V¡À 10V

Air Coverage (angry air current)

40* 60CM

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