Test the case / permanent wet thermostatical testing machine permanently and wetly in constant temperature

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The use of the products: This product is test apparatus with indispensable domains such as aviation, car, electrical home appliances, scientific research,etc., used for measuring electron, electrician and other products materials and carrying on the high temperature, damp and hot or invariable to try

The temperature environment tested changes parameter and performance.

First, product specification:
The shape size D * W * H 450* 450* 500 in the type HS-100: mm
The shape size D * W * H 500* 600* 750 in the type HS-225: mm
The shape size D * W * H 700* 800* 900 in the type HS-500: mm
The shape size D * W * H 800* 1000* 1000 in the type HS-800: mm
The shape size D * W * H 1000* 1000* 1000 in the type HS-010: mm

Second, technical parameter:
1.Temperature range: RT +10 ¡æ- 150 ¡æ
2.Humidity range: 85%- 98% R.H
3.The temperature fluctuates and spends: Less than or equal to 0.5 ¡æ of ¡À
4.The degree of consistency of the temperature: Less than or equal to 2 ¡æ of ¡À
5.The temperature is offsetted: Less than or equal to 1.5 ¡æ of ¡À
6.The humidity fluctuates and spends: +2, - 3% R.H
7.Intensify the speed: 1.0- 3.0 ¡æ/ min
8.Time presumes the range: 0- 9999 hours
9.The power is required: AC220V/50HZ, AC380V/50HZ

Third, case body material:
1.The outer cover adopts the stencil plate numerical control machine tooling of high-quality A3 to shape, the surface of outer cover prevents the static from gushing out and moulding dealing with, show even more bright and clean, esthetically;
2.The inner gallbladder adopts the stainless steel board of surface of the mirror of high-quality SUS304;
3.Keep warm material select high the intersection of density and the intersection of glass fibre and cotton for use, heat preservation thickness 80mm;
4.Stir the system and adopt the fan electrical machinery of the major axis, is able to bear many wing type impellers of stainless steel of the high low temperature, in order to reach the intensity convection to spread to circulate vertically;
5.Adopting the double layers high temperature resistant pieces of sex sealing strip high between the door and body of case is airtight in the testing area in order to guarantee;
6.Not having the reaction door handle to adopt, operation is easier;
7.The machine bottom adopts the high-quality very fixed type PU movable wheel;
8.The viewing panel adopts the multi-layer hollow safety glass, the conductive membrane (can clear that observe the process of the test) of inboard veneer a formula ;
9.Test the hole (the left side of the machine) Can connect testing the cable or signal line uses (aperture or hole is counted and must be increased and needed to point out) ;

Fourth, control system:
1.Adopt the high-accuracy even numbers to show the warm humidity and control the instrument, P.I.D high-accuracy control, stop to operate the unstable phenomenon for a long time;
2.The humidity is controlled for animation, the defect of abandoning the original warm humidity and contrasting;
3.Precision: ¡À is 0.1 ¡æ(reveal the range) ;
4.Analyze degree: ¡À is 0.1 ¡æ;
5.Temperature sensing sensor: Tester of PT100 platinum resistance;
6.Control method: Temperature adjustment way of the thermal balance;
7.The electric apparatus is controlled: The electric apparatus controls the main part to adopt and import " Snide " The component, better control temperature;

Fifth, heat the system:
1.Adopt the alloy of far infrared nickel to heat the electric heater at a high speed;
2.High temperature, damp and hot and totally systematic independently;
3.The warm humidity controls output power to make mathematical calculations by the microcomputer, in order to reach the high-accuracy and high-efficiency power consuming benefit;

Sixth, moisten the system:
1.The built-in boiler vapour type humidifier has energy-saving and cost-reducing functions, can save 70% of the energy consumption;
2.Automatic compensation, lack of water of many ways of water levels call the police and protect the system;
3.The far infrared stainless steel heats the titanium alloy heater at a high speed;
4.The humidity controls and adopts P.I.D + S.S.R, system and channel control in coordination;

Seventh, protect the system:
1.The whole apparatus is extremely warm;
2.Other still electric leakage;
3.Lack water, instruction of running;
4.Shut down etc. and protect automatically after the fault alarm;

Eighth, apparatus service condition:
1.Ambient temperature: 5 ¡æ- + 28 ¡æ(average at or below 28 ¡æ in 24 hours)
2.Environmental humidity: Less than or equal to 85% R.H
3.The operating environment needs ventilating in the room well, can't put the things while putting each 80 centimeters all around with machine;

Ninth, accord with the standard: Consult relevant standards such as GB/T5170.5-2008, GB/T10586-2006, GB/T2423.3-2006,etc. and design making strictly;

Tenth, service promise: Deliver goods to the customers free, to this rigging up and debugging, do corresponding operation to train to the relevant technical staff free at user's scene, the number of people is unlimited

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