Defective detector of the electric wire netting

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You knows that it is very to patrol line, work hard, make people agitated more easily under the high-temperature weather, it is very apt to cause to patrol the line unfavorably, patrol the work hard that threads have always defended suffering from Yu WeiRan, but the work very apt to neglect, and also need workers to get on the iron tower at some time, it is dangerous and too big, once present the injuries and deaths, will cause greater life and property loss.

Then we have put out this and patrolled the line observation mirror, what persons who patrol the line only need standing under the tower finishing to the circuit is patrolled, once can also shoot to discover the problems, the coverage can reach 1 kilometer, great improvement patrols quality and speed of the line, and guaranteed to patrol the security of the line too. Let the persons who patrol the line put more energy in patrolling the line, but not scale mountains and ford streams to.

The new products whose science and technology produced of wide favor, the products are a high power telescope when not starting the machine, can observe the question of the circuit directly, can take a picture while starting the machine, take a picture to the problematic position, appear in the newspaper in time, guarantee the safe operation of the national electric wire netting!

Wide favor scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen

Look at the apparatus manufacturers far in speciality, make China farthest, the most effective shooting apparatus.

Offer and employ the regional distributor sincerely, offer good service, including OEM, popularization of products, pack etc., after-sale service,etc.!

Can look at it far directly, not needing any connection, can be up to 35 times, it is moderate to observe the range, the visual field is limpid in sight, bear it than the telescope of rank of ten thousand yuan.
The ability of formation of image of 5 million picture element that there are the products, the picture is clear and sharp, photo measurement up to 2594*1944.
Focus and assist pointing out, it is relaxed to focus accurately, it can reach 55 times to enlarge the multiple, it is equivalent to the long burnt lens of 2400mm.
Ultra and remote video function, 2.5 inches of LCDs, can reveal the detail at a distance directly, and enlarge numbers, can reach 300 times.
The tripod is fixed, the line of shutter is shot, it causes the virtual image to prevent the camera from shaking effectively
It is light, carry and easy, easy to operate, can connect monitor, computer,etc..

Products advantage

The persons who patrol the line so long as seizes a favorable terrain, can carry on the detailed inspection to the circuit, and shoot the doubtful point and come down and report and improve the accuracy of the question. The physical power of the persons who patrol the line sparingly, put more energy in patrolling the line greatly, but not scale mountains and ford streams to. Adaptive capacity is strong, no matter - 30 degrees or 50 degrees, the apparatuses can all work normally. Easy to operate, does not need training, it is apt to carry. The line of shutter is shot, reduce and rock the empty shadow caused. Can carry, can also observe by fixed position, suitable for intensive ahead of the intersection of network and district.

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