The level rolls the steel gate

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We support the level to roll our company of the steel gate and melt scientific research, make, install for integrative generalized type enterprises, there are 369 staff now, engineers and technicians are 28 among them, 111 apparatuses, cover an area of 16600 square meters, mainly produce the headstock gear, gate, the products sell well in 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. The headstock gear has screw-type and hoist types. Screw-type headstock gear have manually, electronically and flashlight and closed all and pair is hung dottedly with type, from 0.3 to 150, hoist type headstock gear have hang some only and pair hang, 5 have screw-type headstock gears and hoist type headstock gears to 2 headstock gear. The screw-type headstock gear has manual headstock gear, electronic headstock gears, flashlights with the type headstock gear and all closed headstock gears and pair hang the dotted headstock gear, from 0.3 to 150, hoist type headstock gear have hang some only and pair hang 5 to the intersection of 2X100 and ton. The casting iron gate of level is from 0.2mX0.2 to many kinds of specifications of 5mX5m, the steel plate gate inlays the arc-shape gate camber gate level of round gate of casting iron of copper to roll the steel gate of static rotary of gate level of steel from 1.5mX1.5m to 10mX10m square gate of round gate The level slips ten multi-type specifications such as the steel gate. Can also make to order according to the user's needs.

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