YCB arcuate gear pump Spring reach the pump 0317-8291034 of industry

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Spring reaches the industry pump and specializes in the arcuate pump by 0317-8291034 in Hebei, this serial arcuate gear pumps are suitable for sending not including solid particle and fiber, without corrosivity, the temperature is not higher than 80 ¡æ, the degree of viscosity is 5* 10-3m2/s (5- 1500cst) Liquids other and lasting hydraulic pressure of lubricating oil spread systematically. It is suffused with enclosing that applicable: Can be used as transmitting, booster pump in firing in the oil delivery system; Can be used as the oil burning pump that is sent, inflated, sprayed the oil system; Can be used as offering the hydraulic dynamic hydraulic pump in the hydraulic power actuating system; In all industrial fields, can use as lube oil pump. Structural features: The YCB series gear pump mainly has gears, axles, pump bodies, pump covering, the bearing carrier ring, shaft end that are sealed etc. and made up. The gear adopts one pair of arcuate sine curve sinusoid tooth profiles to make. Its most overhanging advantage compared with involute gear is that the tooth profile one does not have relative slip in the engaged course of the gear, so the tooth face is non-abrasion, turn round steady, does not have it because of the liquid phenomenon, the noise is low, longe-lived, high in efficiency. This pump gets rid of the traditionally designed constraint, make the gear pump enter a new field in designing, producing and using.The pump has relief valves as overloading and protecting, the whole backflow pressure of the relief valve is 1.5 times of the specified discharge pressure of the pump. Can also adjust separately in allowing to discharge the pressure range according to the needs of reality. But notice that can't function as the long term operation of the relief pressure valve with a relief valve, can install separately on the pipe line while needing. The shaft end of pump is sealed and designed to be two kinds of forms, one is mechanical seal, one is that packing is sealed

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