Machine work uses steel tube No. 45Thicker-wall steel tube 0635-8889118 No. 45

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Hello; We are that swans of Shandong circles in the air in steel tube Co., Ltd.. Specialize in the operation of seamless steel pipe No. 45. Our company sells into steel throughout the year, Daye of Hubei, solid drawn tube which famous steel factories such as Baotou, Tianjin large seamless, Tianjin small seamless, Baoshan iron and steel plant of Hengyang, An'shan, Shanghai, special steel of Xining, Qingzhou, Shandong,etc. produce. Pipes such as boiler tube, alloy pipe, liquid tube,etc.. Inventory level is up to 20,000 tons now, thousands of kinds of types, it is larger seamless steel pipe supply base of China. There are more than 8000 tons of stock now in the company, more than 600 varieties let you choose. Telephone number: 0635-8889116 8889117 8889118 8889119 Fax: 0635-8884317 Obey the wishing trader Qi! Contact: Xu ShouJun

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