12v, 24, 48v HF communication power

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KYF series communication power lightning protection system: Advanced lightning protection technical design, can guarantee the safe operation of the power system effectively. The lightning protection unit that this power is with advanced system configuration, avoid being struck by lightning the danger produced to the apparatus effectively. Enable input return circuit to absorb the high pulse voltage up to 6000VP-P 10US-700US in the input end effectively and reliably and fast, thus ensure exportinging is not influenced with the electrical equipment. Systems definition: The power, high frequency of this serial HF communication disappear and break the power of communication, adopting and exchanging, mode of supplying power with double circuit of direct current, it is specially for electricity, national defence, telecommunication, automation equipment but new power of the design. This serial communication power use high-frequency puls e-width modulation (PWM) Technology, its every technical indicator accords with YD/T731A-94 " high-frequency switch rectifier for communication " and national power standard about SPC exchange. It is communicating device ideal related power such as a SPC exchange, access network. Serial the intersection of HF communication and power this have very strong electric wire netting adaptability '160V- 275V ) And resist and is struck by lightning ability; Unique starting up time delay function, make the power exempt from the impact of the high pressure of the electric wire netting in the twinkling of an eye. The applied active filter technique of direct-flow input return circuit, have reduced and irritated the noise instead greatly. High frequency, efficient DC-DC isolate the converter, the valid assurance alternating and direct current system totally isolates, the complete machine is small, light, with high efficiency, the noise is low. Complete self-protection function: The electric wire netting has imported low-voltage protection and dc output low-voltage protection, advanced instant overcurrent protection and soft and shut off technology, export and short out currentlimiting protection, overheat protective, Audible and Visual Alarm. Have improved reliability and continuity of the system effectively. It is very clear freely to enable user's management. Control distally: Have, control image output is can real-time working condition of operating power through the intersection of switch and the intersection of quantity and input aperture of data collecting system distally, send to the control centre and control, very clear. Technology flows: The technology that the system uses democracy and flows, it is quarried to the same power supply device that the signal flows, needn't connect and flow in signal line, the system is more reliable, it is the ideal choice of the medium and small system! Hot back-up system: Arbitrary 2 / 3 can refute, receive 2+1 or 3+1 hot back-up system, built-in to refute, receive procedure automatically, an arbitrary one is refuted to connect exporting, it is more convenient to install, the system is more reliable. Strong aseismatic design: The system adopts the technical design of antidetonation, improves transporting for long-distance, vehicle carried and systematic adaptability greatly, reduce and damage probability effectively.

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