The original packaging capable person S46 of Shell resists and rubs the hydraulic oil

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Ami's specialty one is sold in batches: It is more to understand: Tel.: 0755-33687405 Contact: Miss Liu: 13631538521,The capable person S series Shell Tellus s32 of hydraulic oil of Shell, brief introduction of S46, S68 S100: Capable person S adopted the base oil of high-quality mineral with hydraulic oil of Shell and integration most advanced additive technology was allocated. Contain in additive prescription: There is no zinc to resist and rub pharmaceutical, corrosion inhibitor, antioxidant and anti-coagulant,etc.. Capable person S top resists and rubs the hydraulic oil, consults the oil for one grade of standards of hydraulic trade end with hydraulic oil of Shell. The advanced one has no zinc, has no technology of filling a prescription of chlorine to Shell's capable person S extremely excellent characteristic, behave in the hydraulic motive force delivery system working under the harsh condition outstandingly. The rank 32 46 68 ISO categorised HM HM HM sports of the capable person S32 S46 S68 degree of viscosity of Shell glue degree 40 ¡æ m m2/s 100 ¡æ m m2/s 32 5.4 46 6.8 68 8.7 Viscosity index Density 15 ¡æ kg/ 99 98 97 1 0.872 0.876 0.883 Flash point ( Close a cup) ¡æ207 218 222 Pour point Centigrade degree - 30 - 30 - 30

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