Forging and pressing lathe economize on electricity control equipment

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Telephone number: 13570344589 contacts: Fluffy the energy-conservation of the three-phase asynchronous motor suitable for machine tools such as various punch presses, hydropress, pressure machine, milling machine, lathe, die casting machine,etc. to control and protect oldly. Consumption of the electric quantity of very valid reduction, lowering production cost. Can enable the machine tool manufacturer at the same time, sell and the new selling point of energy-efficient machine tool in valid improvement. The principle of economizing on electricity: The lathe is a kind of typical cyclical movement load apparatus, an intact production cycle includes: Mode-locked and ramming, holding the stage of mould,etc.. To its hydraulic power system, the match of the pressure, flowrate of each stage is each different, and the power of the electrical machinery is matching according to the peak load in its running process. However, only ram the electrical machinery load of stage bigger during lathe one production cycle, the electrical machinery load of other working stages is generally minor, especially idler course, its load is nearly zero. The power loss of electrical machinery is serious in the whole working phase of the lathe. Utilization factor of electric energy is only 30%-70%. So, the space is very big that it economizes on electricity, different from Ju's load rate, between reachable 10%-35% of meritorious power saving rate. " protect the tile doctor " Save the electric energy wasted, realize the energy-efficient on the premise of not influencing production efficiency. The characteristic of the products: 1. Easy to install and use, suitability strong, need control mode, circuit and various the intersection of lathe and electrical machinery to change existing equipment can make best match. 2. Reduce the noise, it is warm to reduce the oil, reduce the abrasion, lengthen the apparatus life-span 3. Can dispel the machine tool ubiquitously " The big motor draws the dolly " Power wasting phenomenon,last lathe and run all the time at working conditions best. 4. Have good soft turn on functions, have avoided heavy current and mechanical shock, effective protection device. 5. Have automatic protection, economize on electricity / have steady operation by city power switching functionality, guarantee. 6. Specialized software control form, regulating accurately, dynamic tracking; 7. Advanced microprocessor control, the characteristic is remarkable, powerful; Service promise: Guarantee in two years, maintain all the life; Retrieve the cost in 10-16 months. Purpose and related agency's matters concerning cooperation of welcoming to negotiate and economize on electricity in incoming telegram! Protect watt electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou Contact: Fluffy oldly Tel.: 13570344589 faxes: 020 39388125 T/T reimbursement:

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