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Serial high precision exchange the voltage stabilizer full-automatically ' Steady voltage plug) ,Compensate and isolates voltage transformer, servo type motors, automatic control circuits etc. to make up, by the contact-type voltage regulator from coupling, or supports it while changing as the voltage of the electric wire netting is unstable, sample the control circuit of voltage stabilizer and send out signals and drive the servo electrical machinery automatically, adjust the voltage stabilizer from the position of the voltage regulator carbon brush of coupling, make the output voltage of voltage stabilizer adjust to the specified value and reaches steady state this serial voltage stabilizers are the general type, there is direct function of electricity of market. This serial voltage stabilizer products are wide in variety, the whole specification, the advantage such as being beautiful of the appearance. Unless it have no wave form undistorted, unless high in efficiency, reliable in performance,can running characteristic for a long time, this voltage stabilizer has short delaying time, excessive pressure,etc. that protects the function, can set up and delay time and owe and press and protect the function long according to the needs of user. This voltage stabilizer can be applied to place of any power consuming extensively, it is a kind of ideal steady voltage plug (voltage stabilizer) ,Guarantee your using the normal running of the electric apparatus. Use the occasion: This voltage stabilizer can be used in the office equipment, it is tested that any such as apparatus, medical apparatus, industry automation equipment, household appliances, lighting system, communication system use the place of the electricity.

Voltage transformer LW-SG, DG series three phases and single relevant type isolate the voltage transformer, the function that this serial voltage transformers not merely vary voltage in the electric wire netting, the ones that still protect the machine and produce generate heat and the life-span of the insulating material is reduced. Especially suitable for import equipment to use ' 380V enters 220V appears, 380V enters The output 220V of any voltage enters Any voltage is exported) Between the specification 1KVA-600KVAs, series LW-SG, DG are dry to isolate the voltage transformer and are extensively suitable for exchanging 50- 60HZ, input, the intersection of output and voltage less than various three phases of 500V, power occasion. Have applicable to support extensive can bear, overload, can work, fire prevention dampproof, safe and reliable, energy-conservation and maintaining the convenient characteristic continuously for a long time instantlying. Products input sum output voltage ( Single-phase, three phases or many ways are input and exported etc.) ,Link the way, regulate and take a percentage in the position, the winding capacity is distributed, the secondary winding is allocated, exterior a case ' Choose according to different environment for use) ,Can carry on meticulous design and manufacture products characteristic according to the request of user: The energy-conserving low noise is adopted the high-quality cold-reduced silicon sheet pile and held; Adopt and soak specially and paint the craft to deal with, has reduced vibrations and noise while running effectively; Introduction of new craft, new technology that and adopt the high temperature resistant insulating material to be designed,etc., make the intersection of voltage transformer and energy-conservation, further quieter further. The energy-conserving low noise coil leaves and ventilates the trough, the air flow is unblocked, reduce the coil temperature effectively. The high dependability structure is rational, high in efficiency, the wave form is undistorted, it is convenient and reliable to use, can run for a long time, the index of performance totally accords with the standard requirement of GB/6450 dry electric voltage transformer. Can isolate the main electric wire netting and supply power, defend assaulting, defend the interference, defend the thunder and lightning. The characteristic in environment protecting mode has heat resistance, dampproof, stability, chemical compatibility, low temperature, resisting radiation and there is no toxicity.

Tabulation of the products

The contactless voltage stabilizer isolates the voltage transformer Voltage regulator

Electric voltage stabilizer From the coupling voltage transformerElectronic column type voltage regulator

High precise voltage stabilizer Commutate the voltage transformerDirect current source

Purify the voltage stabilizer Large electric current voltage transformer of low pressurePower of switch

Parameter voltage stabilizer Dry voltage transformerGoing against turns into the power

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