A dry device, a type of big shot of the worker serial drier

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A type of big shot of the worker serial drier is researched and developed independently by our company, obtain the progress prize in science and technology of the province, have already applied for multiple national patents in critical technology. The staples has drying equipment such as a type of big shot of workers serial drier, drier of the double-paddle, rotating the flash evaporation drier; The big shot of the worker lowers the membrane evaporator, force circulating, circulate naturally, promote membrane, scraper membrane,etc. and evaporate the apparatus; Worker super the intersection of rotating drum and vacuum filter, box type the intersection of board and frame filter press, GDGS pot-type to filter drier, three foot centrifugal machine filter in series; Tower device productses such as hot water tower of the saturation, sieve-plate column, graphite packed column,etc.; Worker's big dry process compacts apparatuses such as the pelletizer, hot-blast furnace, feeder,etc.. The big chemical industry equipment Co., Ltd. of the worker in Shijiazhuang one collects scientific research, develops, makes, serves integrative private scientific and technological enterprises, operating equipment of unit such as in order to dry, evaporating, crystallization, solid and liquid phase separation, heat exchanger, tower device, container, graphite, as the chemical comprehensive equipment manufacturers of the staples. The products have already been applied to trades such as chemical industry, petrochemical industry, medicine, machinery, metallurgy, mining,etc. extensively, the customer has already spread all over the other all provinces,municipalities and autonomous regions except Taiwan, Hainan Province now. Telephone number: 0311-85373526,85373538 enterprises postbox: gdsb@gdsb.cn Company's website: http://www.gongdagz.com

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