Mobil formate the intersection of worm gear and the intersection of endless screw and oil, doses of high HE22 formate the endless screw oil of turbine

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Ami the intersection of specialty and issue sell in batches, the intersection of Mobil and dose high 22, 30( Mobi Glygoyle 22, 30) This series are high-efficient, all synthetic and polyethylene glycol worm gear endless screw lubricating oil. Use for the movement condition beyond other synthetic lubricating oil and mineral oil performance range specially. This product is steady, can offer ultra tall and erect resisting and is rubed protected when high-temperature, can also be antirusted and antisepticized and protected under the liquid state and gaseous state well, and can offer fine greasy property in order to lower and slip and roll friction, it is warm to reduce the oil. In addition, and outstanding heat resistance and oxidation stability, can reduce oil sludge to take shape and precipitate and accumulate. It can be compatible with most seal rings and shim, but is compatible with mineral oil no. Because of having hygroscopicity, can't be separated with water. Series HE, it is mainly for gear of the endless screw, is suitable for all sliding bearings and antifriction bearings, particularly especially in a press,etc. of textile sizing process and plastic industry. Suit and use on all kinds of following industry gears: One rolling mill, crusher, rounds of press and mine spur gear that equip etc., bevel gear and endless screw gear. Also because it will not be mixed with hydrocarbon body, the degree of viscosity will not be diluted, can use in the carbon hydrogen body compressor. The gear lubricating oil service life of endless screw with high capacity and efficiency is extremely long, save money fuel-efficiently / reduce the number of times of the Ding machine / reduces and does not plan the Ding machine, save the fee on maintaining and changing the parts / fluidity fine in low-temperature, so easy start grit coefficient to be low, can reduce energy, loss, reduce the intersection of carbon and the intersection of hydrogen and body, turn spiral abrasion of compressor round, lower, operate cost HE22 the intersection of polyethylene glycol and lubricating oil effectively, there are the sliding bearing, antifriction bearing, industry that are suitable for operating under the harsh condition that mineral oil can't be used closed gear box and chemical gas such as propane compressor,etc.. It is more to understand: Sell the telephone number: 0755-33687405 Contact: Miss 13631538521 Liu

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