Xinxiang vibrating screen - straight line shakes and sifts and shakes the electrical machinery - elasticity ball great source screening machineifier of the vibrating screen

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Xinxiang shake, sieve main the intersection of vibrating screen and series of products, Company of apparatus, have, shake, sift, fasten and shake and sift, the vibrating screen of the straight line, ultrasonic vibrating screen, shake the electrical machinery, shake the mill, air current screening machineifier, sift high-efficient and heavy-dutily, the hoist is as follows, bucket elevator, the hoisting machine of vertical vibration; Shake the feeder series: Electric vibrating feeder, the electrical machinery shakes the feeder, the oscillating feeder; The laboratory uses and shakes the scalper series: 200 standard screens of ¦Õ, 300 standard test of ¦Õ is sifted, PSJ standard shakes the scalper, carries the hitting type and shakes the scalper, the hierarchical screen of sector standard of abrasive, shoot and hit sifting; The serial products of fittings of vibrating screen are as follows, rubbery ball, silicon rubber ball, U-type seal ring, the straight line sifts the net rack, fasten and shake and sift net rack,etc.. The products of our company win trust from the masses of users deeply, some products export to foreign countries.

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