Turbine Guangzhou of Guangdong of flow meter

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First, sum up:

1,Turbine flow sensor ( Hereafter referred to as the sensor) Defend the rotten sensor for what our company developed newly, and reveal the instrument makes up the turbine flow meter together. Can measure the instantaneous flow of the liquid and add up to the total amount of the volume, it is controlled that can be quantitative to the liquid. Sensor have precision to be high to operate and maintain the characteristic such as being simple while being longe-lived, are used in trades such as the industrial and mining, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power plant,etc. extensively. The sensors all adopt the nonmetallic material, measurement strong more corrosive liquid is particularly applicable. Measure the ideal instrument with liquid corrosivity.
2,The sensor is suitable for having no liquid of impurity such as fiber, particle.
3,The sensor, can consult and order together as users need to use the special pattern. While needing explosion-proof type sensor, prove in the order

Second, operation principle:
When the liquid examined flows through the sensor, the inner impeller of the sensor is rotated with the liquid kinetic energy. The blade of the impeller makes the magnetism of magnetic way in the detection device hinder periodic change in week at this moment, therefore publish the electric pulse signal proportional to flow in the coil both ends reaction of detection, send to and reveal the instrument after the pre-amplifier is amplified.
In measuring the range, the pulse frequency of flow of the sensor is proportional to volume flow, this ratio is that an instrument coefficient says with K: : K =F / Q or K =V / N
In the type: Signal frequency of f- flow (Hz) ;
Q- volume flow (m3/h or L/h) ;
N- pulse counted;
Total amount of V- volume (m3/L) ;
The instrument coefficient of each sensor is filled in in assaying the certificate by the factory. K value has already been had into in the related display instrument, can demonstrate instantaneous flow and total amount of volume when being dispatched from the factory, must guard against changing K value while using the producer

Third, main technical parameter:
Accuracy: 1.0 grades, 0.5 grades;
Service condition:
1,Ambient temperature: -20- +50 ¡æ;
2,Relative temperature: 5%- 95%;
3,Medium temperature: -20- +80 ¡æ;
4,Anti-blast grade: Ib¢ò BT4;
Medium pressure: 1.0MPa;
Output the way: The pulse outputs 4- 20mA Line two system;
Install the way: The flange is connected;
Transmit the distance: The sensor is to reveal the distance of the instrument can reach 1km

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