Antiseptic filter of Handan of Hebei

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Pure polypropylene plastic filter, meet market demand and consult the new variety that the like product develops, filter this have, able to bear corrosivity fine small unit volume light nonpoisonous accumulating dirting and pollution filter medium characteristic. Accommodate trades such as medicine, food, chemical industry, pesticide,etc. strong corrosive medium, dealing with and the low pressure of the special medium, high-accuracy filtration of sea water. Press, negative pressure filter will do. Design disposing as follows according to filtering the parameter: 1, The disposition strains the core quantity: 1- 60 core; 2,Strain the core length: 10- 40 inches; 3,Interface form: Whorl; 4,It is joined that the imports and exports standard is blue; 5,Strain the core material: Titanium is excellent to strain core, PE/PA to frit and strain core, capillary membrane to strain the core

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