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Electrical wire and cable of Dagang District of Beijing, the wire & cable factory of Dagang District of Beijing mainly produces: 1, Polyvinyl chloride flame retardant cable, 2, the cross-linked polyethylene insulation of silicane [url =http://www.bjdgxl.com] flame retardant cable [/url ] Beijing Dagang District talent, first-class apparatus, first-class management when wire & cable factory is first-class without being had, the products are all produced according to the national standard, sector standard, obtain China's national CCC Chinese Compulsory Product Certification (CCC Certification), and pass ISO9001: 2000 quality systems are authorized, is chosen as " sincere demonstration enterprises of Chinese trade's quality service " by China quality inspection association . The wire & cable factory of Dagang District of Beijing specializes in the electric wire of polyvinyl chloride, fire control specialized inflaming retarding, refractory electrical wire and cable, shielded cable, control cable, elevator cable, the computer cable, rubber sleeve cable, cables such as the electromechanical cables and cross-linked cables of electric welding,etc.. The Item Model is mainly as follows, YZ YZW YC YCW YH BV RVV RVVP BLV RVVP SYV SWYV BVVB BVR VV VV22 VLV VLV22 KVV KVV22 YJV YJV22 YJLV YJ LV22,etc., the wire & cable factory of Dagang District of Beijing can also design producing all kinds of special cable according to the user's needs. The wire & cable factory of Dagang District of Beijing welcomes old and new customers to consult and negotiate. Contact: Mr. GuoTelephone number: 15321688896Company's website: www.bjdgxl.com

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