14.4V9Ah battery charge device 16.8V charging device 24V is charged

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It is an army grade charger that the products sum up this product, its outer cover is the aluminium alloy material, it is totally enclosed. Charging the stabilized voltage supply fast has many kinds of specifications, two kinds of functions that have charging fast and direct-flow voltage regulation to supply power, can offer 14.4V direct-flow stabilized voltage supply for radio station or charge 14.4V lithium ion battery. Exchange 220V and direct-flow 24V to input. In a situation that there is not alternating current in the field, 24V power that can be offered through the cigar lighter port on the car supplies power. Characteristic of the productsEnvironmental condition Working ambient temperature: -40 ¡æ- +55 ¡æ Humidity: (95¡À 3) % is 35 ¡æShake and assault: Accord with the demands for corresponding harsh grade in the rain-proof, dyke smog ability: Have rain-prooves, prevent the smog from corroding reliability: MTBF is greater than or equal to 2400H Safety: The withstand voltage between chassis and convenience receptacle, the alternating current voltage 1500V is not punctured for one minute; The insulation resistance between chassis and convenience receptacle, is not lower than the 50M&-#; 8486; Transportation is required: In the course of transporting, the ability is shaken the main technical requirement parameter and input the power by the vehicle on the Class III highway: 140V-265V 50Hz / 60Hz is the voltage of the rechargable battery: 3.6V- 14.4V maximum charging current: 2.5A charging duration: Not greater than the charge capacity of 180 minutes: The battery that full of discharges according to the requirement that the battery stipulates, should be able to emit 90% of the physical dimension of nominal capacity of its: 130mm * 62mm * 30mm is heavy Quantity: Less than or equal to 0.5Kg voltage regulation and supply power to export: Voltage 14.4V maximum current 5A

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