It is special that Mobil resists and rubs hydraulic oil AW serial first-selected agent Ami

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Ami special lubricating oil Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen: Agent Mobil's industrial lubricating oil. There are large-scale storages, there is complete stock, face China and deliver! Welcome to call to consult, Tel.: Qi four zero five of Qi five five three three land eight, it is more to understand: It is the high-quality high-performance oil that Mobil resists and rubs the hydraulic oil AW series products, can be used in industry and car,etc. to need application of lubricating oil of resistance to wear. Mobil resists and rubs the hydraulic oil AW series oil to meet the need and bear the requirement for various hydraulic assemblies of high pressure, high-temperature work environment and make specially. This product high oxidative stability and good thermal stability, contribute to reducing the forming of the deposit, prevent systematic operation from being sluggish. In or unavoidably has environment of steam of drib in the high environment of the humiditying, this product has good corrosion, corrodes protective action. It is extremely easy for them to separate from water, there is good air. Mobil resists and rubs the hydraulic oil AW series oil to fill a prescription and modulate with high-quality base oil and additive selected meticulously, possess a lot of fine characteristics, can improve and lengthen the life time of the apparatus. Suitable for needing high-level resistance to wear to be protective, using in the medium-sized system to the tight severe work environment, also suitable for a lot of systematic use that usually recommend adopting the hydraulic oil of non- resistance to wear.

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