(the space of roc)Hydraulic filter element at dawn

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It is produced that our factory sells various specification dawn the filter element of hydraulic oil replace the products, filtering precision high product its, every technical indicator so as to up to standard, can well replace the similar original packaging product. Series TFX, series TFAX, series TFBX, series IX, series FX, series ZL12X, series FFAX, series JX, series UX, series WU'XU, series FAX, series FBX, series GP, series QYLX, series NLX, series SPX, series HY37, series PLFX, series SFX, HX ' HBX ' series HDX, series GX, series TZX2, the intersection of TXX and series, the intersection of SFAX and series, the intersection of SFBX and series, the intersection of STZX2 and series, LH series suck oil, go back oil, pipe line, the filter element of the magnetic filter.

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