WTF-B200 aerovane - little specially electronic apparatus Co., Ltd. of Yichang

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The Model WTFX-B aerovane is used for the meteorological observatory (the station) , the device in unit journey directions used for recording the wind such as the chemical industry, hydropower station, industrial and mining,etc.. Can realize the apparatus wind direction points out digitization with it. The microcomputer anemoscope is observed and controlled the instrument, wind direction by intelligence and measured the part of the sensor two to make up. Intelligence observe and control instrument adopt 892051 one-chip computer and corresponding peripheral way make up, reveal, adopt single the intersection of window and highlighted 4 digital tube, reveal partly. The voltage that first, wind direction sensor technical data supply power: DC12V outputs signals: 4- 20MA (north 4mA, the east 9.5mA, south 15mA, west 20mA) Measure the range: 4 positions measure the precision: 5% two ¡À, sensor install 1, need, point to due north 2, flange and install pointing to the pole when the installation: The base 65, the mounting hole of the circumference top-opening 4 6MMs in 50MM. 3,Wiring: DC12V: Blue + brown - yellow signal

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