Electric wire cable, Beijing Beijing revitalizes Rui's cable

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Our company specializes in BV, BVR, RV, ZR-RVS, ZR-BV, NH-BV, BLX, BXR, YZ, YC, RVV, RVS, RVB, BVV, RVVP, BLV, BXVW, JKYJ, JKLYJ, DT, DTL, GT, SBH, MYQ-0.3/0.5, MY-0.38/0.66, MYP-0.38/0.66, MYP-0.66/0.24, HBGYV2 *1.2, HBYV2 *1*0.5, HBYV4 *1*0.5, LGJ, SYV, KVV, KVV22, NH-KVV, NH-KVV22, NHKVVP, HYA, KVVP, KVVP2, GYXTW, GYSTS, GYXTW53, KVVP22, KVVP2-22, GYXTS, NH-YJV, NH-VV, VLV, NH-YJV22, NH-VV22, VLV22, DJYPA, DJYVP, DJYPVP, DJYP2V, DJYVP2, DJYP2VP2, DJYP3V, DJYVP3, DJYP3VP3, YJV, electric wires such as YJV22,etc., electric cable, control cable, all serial weak electric wire cable, electronic computer cable, rubber a set of cables, coaxial cables, control shielding the big class of the cable, fire-retardant, refractory and special cable 20, 5000 multi-type specifications, are used in trades such as the electricity, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, national defence, hydropower station, colliery, traffic, port, building,etc. extensively, successively authorized through ISO9001-2000 quality management system, ISO14000 environment management system, CCC, CQC authorize, obtains the industrial products production licence issued in inspection and quarantine of national quality technical supervision, and our factory is that Beijing area first got the only unit that the fire-retardant, refractory cable CQC authorized the certificate, have been appraised as many times " China and China give birth to the after-sale service users of the products and is satisfied with enterprises " With " stability acceptable product of China's quality inspection " Wait for the honor. Contact: Wang Wen Tel.: 010-58432688 Mobile: 13811053988
Website: www.bj-jxr.com www.huatongdianlan.com www.hualun-wire.cn www.bjtmyd.cn
www.bjxljt.com.cn www.beijingdianlan.com.cn

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