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[Product introduction ]

The TLD70000 series light source is the intelligent handheld light source of microprocessor control, it can be used for the conventional monomode fiber jointing losses test, system maintenance that monomode fiber optic net, LAN, FDDI, ATM fiber optic system, and telecommunication network, CATV system,etc. need large dynamic range to test. The handheld stability light source has adopted little treatment software and hardware technology and microelectronic technology, surface with present international most advanced level Mount (SMT) Technology, offer high performance, high reliability, small and exquisite and firm and easy to operate instrument to user, it is preferably a characteristic outside China at present, most practical light source of appearance, possess the present international most advanced level. The handheld light source offers serial light output or modulates all (2KHz) Output state is two kinds of working condition.

[Main function ]

u Desk-top light source that larger more stable output power, can match in excellence or beauty

u The single bond switches over the wavelength flexibly and conveniently

u The omnipotent interface mixes FC/SC/ST three kinds of types adapter

u The volume is small, the weight is light, reliability is high

u Battery-driven, facilitate field operation

u Back lighting at night

[Application area ]

u The optical fiber device is produced and studied

u The fiber optic net tests and safeguards

u Teaching of optical communication and testing

[Technical indicator ]


TLD7002 13/15

TLD7002 85/13

Luminescent device


Operating wavelength (nm)



Output power

-7~ -9 dBm

Output stability

¡À 0.10dB/1h (20 degrees of C)

Mere output mode


Optical interface

Model FC adapter

Working power

8.4 V rechargeable battery + power adapter

Charging duration

3 h

Operating temperature

0 degrees C + 40 degrees of C

Store the temperature

-40 degrees C + 70 degrees of C

Serial operation time of battery

8 h

Physical dimension

14.0* 7.8* 3.8cm



[Dispose and attachment ]

TLD70000 serial handheld light sources


Portable bag




Operating manual


Rechargeable battery No. 5


Power adapter


ST/SC converter (option)


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