Silicone grease of heat conductionHeat-dissipating silicone grease

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Silicone grease of heat conduction Heat-dissipating silicone grease

The heat-dissipating lotion is passed the special craft refinedly by silicone oil, heat conduction insulating packing, assistant,etc., it is heating element and electronic devices and components and heat abstraction and insulating of the assembly but insulating filling material of heat conduction of research and development of various electrical apparatus specially, applicable temperature range - a +200 ¡æ.
Characteristic characteristic:
Excellent heat conductivity, have low oil from degree, even trickle at high-temperature 200 ¡æ either;
Good insulating property is nonpoisonous, tasteless and not solidifying and having no corrosion to the substrate;
Able to bear high low temperature, water penetration, ozone, able to bear climate, wear out, long term administration at a temperature of - 30 ¡æ- 200 ¡æ;
Fine thixotropy, easy to use, coat or encapsulate simple technological process.
Recommendation is employed:
Mainly used as the heat transfer medium of the electronic element, reduce the solid interface thermal contact resistance, improve the heat exchange of interfaces, plate on various the intersection of electron and produce, heating element in the electric apparatus extensively ' Power tube, silicon controlled rectifier, electric heat are piled etc.) With radiator ' Air-cooling fin, heat-dissipating strings, shells,etc.) During contact surface,play a media of heat transfer role;
Also suitable for the surface coating of electromagnetism stove, electric kettle, electric oven, drinking machine, iron, coffee pot, microwave communication apparatus, frequency converter or encapsulate wholly.
The vulgar name of the products:
Heat-dissipating silicone grease, heat conduction silicone grease, heat-dissipating lotion, distributing heated oil, heat conduction lotion, heat conduction lipoprotein, cooling lipoprotein, high-temperature heat conduction silicone grease, spreading thermal grease, heat conduction oil, heat conduction to lubricate

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