Dolly is strong in the electrolytic water machine China and promote trade and investment

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Dolly is strong in the electrolytic water machine and can produce separately: Alkaline electrolytic water, acid electrolytic water, water purification.

Alkaline / acid to electrolyze aqueous function:

First. Alkaline to electrolyze the aqueous unique efficiency ' Drinking water) :

1. Slightly alkaline - -Neutralize inner surplus acid thing of body and toxin, it is poisonous to dispel the poisonous wine of cigarette, regulate the acid-base balance of the human body, prevent disease.

2. Negative potential - -Remove surplus free radical in vivo, strengthen immune function of the body, slow aging.

3. Little molecular group - -Well improve the stomach function, the clear intestines have an ease constipation, accelerate the endotoxin of body to excrete, promote metabolism.

4. High in oxygen - -Offer required oxygen and nutrients of human cell, participate in metabolism directly. Anti-oxidant and defending oldly and feebly and reducing the triglycerides, there are controller festival blood sugar and function of the fat of blood.

5. Mineral and microelement in the form of ion - -Electrolyze underwaterly and contain nearly 10 kinds of beneficials elements to human body such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, chromium, and take the form of ion, more apt to absorb, it is easier to enrich the calcium, promote health.

Verified clinically by long-term medical treatment such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, alkaline electrolytic water constipation, making dysentery, diabetes, hypertension, improving the physique uncomfortable to the intestines and stomach,etc. has obvious results. Can dispel inner free radical of human body even more, dissolve and remove surplus fat cholesterol, improve the acid physique, improve human body's subhealthy physique.

Dolly is strong in adopting " the branding chain is sold " Type of operation,by top quality products, most it is complete service, prices most reasonable, serve the general public, promote the well-being of mankind! By " based on sincerity, achieve mutual benefit and a win-win position " Principle,person, the hearts of sincerity on it is specialized, QoS that be pursued being outstanding, join the chain store to investigate for all overallly, market orientation, store front select the site, fit up plan, staffs training, open preparing, marketing management, after service,etc. join in the course, offer all azimuthal system support, has formed a set of totally independent intellectual property right joining chain management modes.

21st century is the new economic era of the Hi-Tech, in the fierce market competition, Dolly is strong in innovating constantly, pursuing constantly, represent in front with the institutionalized, normalize, modernized enterprise's appearance, pursue being outstanding, savour succeeding in, experiencing happily!

Dolly is strong in insisting on managing in many ways all the time, develops together; In beautiful life, the health is accompanied! Company's management aim: Make it " more " Family drink to be first-class water," favourable " In the life; Get " strong in " Health! Live a happy life.

Two. Acid to electrolyze the aqueous use (other water using, can't drink) :

1. Cosmetic result - -There is skin that disappears on aqueous function; Often used for having the face and can sleek skin, reduce wrinkles, strengthen the skin elasticity.

2. Sterilize and diminish inflammation, sterilize - -Have fairly good curative effect to tinea pedis, oral cavity ulcer, halitosis, wound, dermatitis, prickly heat, measles, youthful small pox, tinea, haemorrhoids, and I, one degree of scald of II,etc.; Used for washing the tableware, chopping block, towel and can be sterilized and sterilized; Sterilize in place of agricultural chemicals with the acid water too agriculturally.

3. Wash and brighten, keep fresh - -Wash skin and clothes, tooth have brighten result, clothes that wash blow static; Can decompose residual agricultural chemicals of surface while washing the vegetables, fruit; Keep fresh on function, can lengthen to keep fresh to spray on the vegetables, fruit one.

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