Three enters to go out of the power of frequency conversion only

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Male genital's technological Limited Company of great power is that one adheres to technology, innovation, quality and professional exchange frequency conversion power of the experience - 110V/120V/220V/60Hz & 100V/127V/230/240V/250V/50Hz and Ann for many years are able to bear pressing the tester having insulating rule Wait for power and primitive manufacturer and seller of the tester.
The company has been since established, research and development and production that orientates as green power and Ann's rule detecting instrument undertaking of bright ´_, and offer guest all-round products to measure and solve the scheme. Successively developed the electric crystal type frequency converter, PWM high-frequency accurate frequency conversion power, but exchange the power supply in form GPIB, it is able to bear pressing the tester fitting the rule insulatingly, exchange a series of power and Ann's rule instrument such as voltage stabilizer, industry's apparatus specialized voltage transformer, industry grade UPS and test the apparatus in exchanging the earth resistance tester, the whole electron type. Apply to fields such as electronic apparatus enterprises, the institution of higher learning, R&D institution and aviation,etc. outside China extensively, and promote customer satisfaction with the remarkable, fast service and set up good prestige, and let the good public praise spread each other.
Even so, we have been still diligent all the timeWe've been working hard at it.

Corporate culture ---The brand is understood: Male genital, namely sunshine, positive. Enterprises will take the sunshine main road, namely right way while dealing in; Wanted the sunshine, it is traditional to make the products; Great, namely mighty, wide. Because there is thought of sunshine healthy tendency, there must be great aspirations to have in mind, it should be wide and great to receive guests by oneself. Mean " the male genital is great " .

Enterprising spirit ---Speciality, monograph, innovation, precise quality, fast

Quality goal ---In order to guarantee products high quality, high degree of stability and high durability, except our company is testing in research and development and improvement of the products constantly, choose as to part and other material, insist, lower costs either, and use the low quality part.

Our customer -----Helen of Troy Helen has a match, beautiful safe MATTEL, American health refined CONAIR, Shang Pin China Salton, Britain GET tower, special strength group Testrite, brilliance of the rising sun beautiful Line-OnGroup of mere treasure group Guangzhou, NOKIA power undertaking factory, Spain Trade Air, Kaz card is easy, electric apparatus Severin of German snow China bell, Fuji's health Foxconn, Acer Acer, the latitude achieves the money coherent Wistron, NPG computer, set up and link and make room USA Leviton, Zhanjiang General Electric ZGE, group Modern Home of the Jin Dynasty forever of Taiwan, Zhuo Zhi YCL Elec. in Taiwan, letter grand HL Crop of Taiwan, electrical machinery of HK Dechang, electric apparatus group of the emperor of HK Great Britain, HK American group of electric apparatuses, HK immortality electric apparatus, Konka KONKA, nine male genital's small electrical home appliances JOYOUNG, beautiful electric apparatus Midea, electric apparatus SIEN HUA of China of small clam of Foshan, long-range central air conditioner BROAD of Changsha, main electric apparatus Mianpower, yuan international Peaktop, TTI electric apparatus, good power Huntkey of boat of Shenzhen, Shenzhen specially sends SDG to the group, group Allengroup of Yaren District of Xiamen, sincere electric apparatus Seechance, commodity inspection office Yuyao Commodity Inspection Bureau of Yuyao of letter Germany Xingde of stone lion, bodyguard in Fujian

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