Monitor the automatic control box of the ammonia pump completely0532-87258365

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Monitor the automatic control box of the ammonia pump completely, there are complete ammonia pump electrical machinery open phase, overload protector in vivo in the case, in the electrical machinery open phase or over load, the inner electrical machinery is shut down in 3 seconds, the effective and reliable protection electric motor, avoid user's losses. This control box does not have floating ball box, but adopt the transistor-resistor logic to cooperate with digital circuit, liquid level of UQK being rigorous to measure, come out and control liquid level.The spherical liquid level of floating downward uses the digital display of 0-99, and control the opening of the electromagnetic valve with the figure. The electromagnetic valve adopts contactless control, reliable and longe-lived. There are floating ball coils, electromagnetic valve fault detection in the case, it is extra-high not to set up stopping the pump, liquid level of differential pressure with ammonia pump to point out etc., for example: As the trouble of the electromagnetic valve, the pilot lamp indicates the trouble location, and the alarm equipment will call the police. It measures self-righting of function after trouble removal. All function design is on a circuit board, it is reliable and accurate to control. For the real electric current that helps the view check the ammonia pump, voltage and ammeter adopt the digital display, it is accurate to reveal. The container body adopts and gushes out and moulds the craft, the appearance is elegant in appearance. This control box does not need to debug, the interstar connection can work.

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