PON luminous power counts TLD607P

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[The products are summed up ]

TLD607P PON optical power meter is our company, to the business of FTTX and new test instrument that the maintenance introduces, it can test the luminous power values of the pronunciation, data and video signal at the same time, and provide and judge. It is PON network project, ideal choice constructed and maintained.

[Product performance ]

u Can realize pronunciation, the intersection of data and measurement simultaneously with the video signal one and reveal at the intersection of BPON/EPON/GPON and framework

u Test 1490nm in PON system, 1550nm, 1310nm three kinds of wavelength at the same time

u Test of burst mode used for 1310nm upstream wavelength

u Carry on data transmission through USB

U 1000 records can be kept in the apparatus or upper seat software, look over, delete

u Set up threshold value through the software of upper computer, upload the data, normalize the wavelength

u Offer ten groups of threshold value to choose, three pieces of pilot lamp visual display are examined the light path state

u China / English display equipment / software interface language

u Apparatus ten minutes later automatic shutdown /if you can't can last time, set up

[Technical indicator ]

1310Upstream test

Band pass (nm)


Isolation (dB)


Detection range (dBm)

-30 is ¡À 10dBm

1490Test of descenting

Band pass (nm)


Isolate 1550nm (dB)


Isolate 1310nm (dB)


Detection range (dBm)


1550Test of descenting

Band pass (nm)


Isolate 1490nm (dB)


Isolate 1310nm (dB)


Detection range (dBm)


Accuracy of measurements

Inherent uncertainty (dB)

¡À 0.5

Lean towards positive correlation to loss (dB)

<¡À 0.25dB

Linearity (dB)

¡À 0.1dB

Pass the insertion loss (dB)

< 2dB

Common index


Graphic dispiay, Resolution is : 128*64


dBm dB mW uW



Optic fibre type


Input voltage

DC 5V~10V

Dry battery Rechargeable battery


AC adapter


Operating temperature

From 0 ¡æ to +40 ¡æ

Store the temperature

-From 10 ¡æ to +50 ¡æ

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