Energy-conserving electric-saving / soft turn on of the electrical machinery

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Our company products leading XJR in electron starting cabinets soft according to in market to electrical machinery the demands news of starting equipment, introduce the foreign getting soft movable property product of a new generation who leads technological secondary development. This series of products adopt large scale integrated circuit and modern microprocessor, realize the approximately perfect voltage regulation starting contours to the triode thyristor, thus the one that reach to working line is interfered with and shown consideration for care to the electrical machinery most the most low, promote the life time of power transmission line and electrical machinery effectively. The soft starting cabinet of XJR electron operates the overall switch contactlessly, not has electric arc, are applicable to various special occasions, this technology is in China's leading position.
Start of the extensive applicable electrical machinery in occasions such as the metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, water supply,etc. of soft starting cabinet products of our company XJR electron, it is traditional star triangular magnetic starter's, reducing pressure from lotus root ideal substitute products such as the start, reactor. In the face of the market competition of the internationalization, " technology is first-class, serve first-classly " in line with being heavy Enterprise aim,it is human-oriented, honest, pioneer and keep forging ahead, innovate constantly, further accelerate technological industrialization, manage precise benefit, deal in globalization.

Characteristic and characteristic of the soft starting cabinet of XJR series electron:
1,Not without the contact apparatus of the bypass, since start, operate and achieved by approximately perfect contactless control technique of silicon controlled rectifier in the whole course to park, the life time of the starting cabinet is lengthened greatly, the maintenance cost drops greatly;
2,The main circuit does not have mechanical switch, so the working phase is contactless, have electric arc, have no flame, can adapt to severe environments such as the cigarette, dust,etc.;
3,The regulation of starting time, starting voltage, starting current only needs to use on the potentiometer " The opener " Rotation regulation, operation is concise and ocular, preventing the data from setting up and complicated accommodating procedure of code management, no matter the old and new electrical engineer can employ freely;
4,Volume, weight reduce pressure lotus root only starter box 1/3 about, very convenient transformation to the old apparatus;
5,Adopt leading intellectual control technique and harsh one and is dispatched from the factory and testing, the products use reliability remarkably.

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