Filter BGL41 of thermal insulation

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Red Ou's valve filter: High-temperature filter, import the filter, filter GL41/11 of Model Y, high-temperature high-pressure filter, high-pressure filter, high-temperature filter, take the magnetic filter, hydraulic filter, flexible filter SGL41 of the draw bar, filter SRT of T shape, U-type line filter SRU, direct filter SRBA of blue type, thermal insulation filter, filter of one pair of barrels, level type filter YG07 of drum type, ZPG automatic blowdown filter, hand brush type filter, a filter YS11 of silk, flange filter, filter HGS07-25 of gas burning, vaporized filter, SG water filter, QG gas filter, YQ oil filter, casting iron filter, cast steel filter, stainless steel filter, the intersection of OF and the intersection of oxygen and the intersection of nitrogen and filter, the intersection of FPV and the intersection of oxygen and filter, white the intersection of steel and filter, the intersection of coal gas and filter, mark filter, Germany, mark filter, the intersection of thermal insulation and the intersection of filter and BGL41,etc. while being American. Products. The material of the valve body is as follows, casting iron, cast steel, stainless steel. Maximum operation pressure 1.6-25MPA (American mark is from 150LB-600LB) . Operating temperature - 20 degrees of C- 425 degrees of C. The valve requirements are from DN15-DN600. Connection mode: Flange, silk mouth or welding. Applicable medium: Water, sewage, oil, gas, natural gas, gas burning, nitrogen,etc.. Product introduction: The filter is one kind of vital devices of ductwork which transports the medium, its function is mechanical admixture in filter medium, can filter rust, grains of sand in the sewage,etc. in order to protect fittings on of the apparatus pipeline against and abrade and stop up. The products are applied to the water treating equipment extensively, chemical industry equipment, petrochemical industry apparatus, petroleum apparatus, papermaking apparatus, mining apparatus, electric equipment matching, liquefied gas apparatus, food apparatus, pharmacy apparatus, giving to drainage facility, municipal valve, mechanical equipment valve, electronics industry valve, the intersection of urban construction and valve, industrial the intersection of pipeline and valve, spare part in common use, commercial installation, the intersection of fire control and the intersection of warm put through, central air conditioner, filter, environmental protection equipment,etc. and field. Welcome to choose tailor-madely! Red Europe valve plant Co., Ltd. of Shanghai

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