Economize on electricity tester

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1,Automatic measurement of the economizing on electricity rate. 2,The rate of change of the voltage, rate of change of electric current, rate of change of power, rate of change of power factor measure the function. 3,Do not voltage, electric current, active power, inactive power, power factor, meritorious electric energy, have accurate measurement of electric energy of work. 4,Regular function that the electric energy has good luck totally. 5,Allocate the pincer electric current mutual inductor and measure the electric current of load, does not need to take out stitches, measure online directly. 6,Can hang the network to operate for a long time, it is the 100 days longest, performance is stable and reliable. 7,The automatic computing function of the electric rate, it is very clear to save the electric rate. 8,The measurement is stored, inquired, printed, can store 100 groups of data automatically. 9,Can print the analysis report of efficiency of economizing on electricity of the standard form with the computer communication. 10,The large screen liquid crystal reveals, reading is ocular and convenient. 11,Small, light, the appearance is exquisite, easy to carry

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