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Human static releasing device (series FJDEx) of explosion-proof It is one kind that is suitable for being flammable, explosive and preventing the human static in the static place from releasing the products. The main purpose to research and develop this product is: Defend the intersection of static and place, use product this can discharge, shed safely the human static electric charge accumulated by itself in flammable explosive dangerous area, prevent fire explosion accident and the human body caused by and human static from shocking by electricity the emergence of the phenomenon. Reasonable in design product this, structure simple and appearance exquisite, install convenient, firm and durable and the maintaining rate is low and using extensively, safely and reliably, accord with totally " prevent static from 12158 GB accident common to lead " and - 2006 requirement.
At present, some enterprises of China have already adopted the metal conductor to ground the way to discharge in the flammable, explosive dangerous place directly to dispel the human static. Although this way can dispel the human static, however, because that adopted is that the way to discharge among conductors discharges the static electric charge, have static discharge energy to be relatively large inevitably, thus cause human body shock by electricity and initiate the intersection of fire and possibility and certainty of explosion accident. According to the introduction of materials, as the human static voltage reaches 2000V (usually human static voltage in 1000V - -Between 10000V) When, energy of discharging between human body and static conductor can reach 0.4mJ, this minimum which is well-above the oil steam can light a fire (0.2mJ) ,Totally qualified to initiate the explosion accident of the fire. So, use the earthing metal conductor to discharge the human static in the flammable, explosive dangerous place, itself is a hidden danger. And the human static releasing device (series FJDEx) of explosion-proof Having overcome the deficiency of pedestrian's body static releasing device now, it has lengthened the static to discharge time, reduce the static energy in the twinkling of an eye greatly, at time when the human static is discharged, neither form the thoughts on the human body to shock by electricity, also evaded the danger which initiates the explosion accident of the fire. Use the human static releasing device (series FJDEx) of explosion-proof in the environment such as being flammable, explosive Discharge the human static, has reflected the human-based management of enterprises, has realized the operation mode with safe essence too, have offered the effective guarantee for safety in production of enterprises.

1. This device must and connect the material of ground wire ' Object) Connect and install.
2. Must meet and can prevent the flame from constructing and avoiding the condition that initiates the accident in the course of installing.
3. Must check half lead, touch the intersection of mould and body and connect the position, have damaged phenomena before installation, click and forbid installing and using the damage.
4. Walk 25 meters each time while the human body advances normally, can light a fire (0.2mJ) in minimum higher than the oil steam that the human body produces the static ,Advise 25 meters for every interval and install a piece of this products.
5. In use the intersection of physique and human body in the course until half lead touching the body of mould to contact 10- 15s normally, achieve the goal that the human static totally releases safely.
6. Keep the anti-blast static releasing the cleaning of touching the body in the course of using.

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