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High-pressure pressure: 32MPa undervoltage pressure: 2.5MPa high-pressure flowrate: 6L/min undervoltage flowrate: 50L/min EMP: 4KW case capacity: 160L DSQ6/50H hydraulic power unit from by high-pressure plunger pump, constituent hydraulic power systems such as fuel tank, three electromagnetic reversal valve, pressure relay, association valve, electrical machinery, instrument of straight cross,etc., have a pair of oil passages and pair pumps, one pair of oil passages is furnished with reducing control components such as the work valve, high-low voltage check valve,etc.. The company is since management, the faith of " human-oriented, the customer is the highest " that been insisting on all the time, by the after services of style of work and completion that sincerity serve, have set up good public praise in the customer. Company can develop rapidly under numerous Chinese and foreign old support of small business, the business is rising constantly, in order to thank for old and new customers' support we will be as before, inherit the management theory of " sincerity serves and creates the two-win ", it is most complete to offer to customer, top quality service. Specialize in the operation of hydraulic machines such as the hand pump, electric motor pump, hydraulic power system, hydraulic power unit, pneumatic hydraulic pump, hydraulic knock-out, unloading the wheel-organ. Thai hydraulic machines Co., Ltd. of Dezhou China, contact; Take manager, phone; 0534-8927911 Mobile phone; 13406896241 websites http; // ....

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