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Hello, Jiangyan the east beautiful a heat exchanger works ' www.djhrq.com.cn 0523-88697161, 88605802) Produce heat exchange such as the aluminium-making cooler, listing pipe cooler, panel heat exchanger, heat exchanger, auxiliary heater, heating equipment for many years, the properties of product are steady, complete in specifications and selling well in China. The product specification has GLC, GLL, 2LQFL, 2LQF1L, 2LQFW, 2LQF1W, 2LQF2W, 4LQF3W, 2LQF4W type tube still type serial oil-water coolers, SL type spiral splitter plate cooler, BR0.05, BR0.1, BR0.2, BR0. 35,BR0.5, BR0.8, BR1.0, BR1.2, BR1.4, BR1.6, BR2.0 serial panel heat exchanger, FL air-cooler,etc.. It is extensively suitable for the hydraulic power system, lubricating system and heat exchange cooling system in trades such as the chemical industry, railway, machinery, metallurgy, mine, thermoelectricity, plastics,etc., make the workmanship temperature reach the ideal result.Specialize in the tubular heater, auxiliary heater, can produce according to customer's request, for many years, we have regarded quality as enterprise's life, set up and amplify the quality system according to the international standard, the quality system of obtaining ISO 9001:2000 is authorized. Welcome the incoming telegram to negotiate the consultation service! Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Zhou Jun

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