China is strong in the electronic RZ-103 RZ-102 multi-functional electric instrument

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The electric appearance that series E are multi-functional: The combinative table of RZ-103 RZ-102B RZ-102 RZ-102A electric current voltage: RZ-104 three-phase intellectual table: RZ-131 single-phase intellectual power factor indicator: RZ- 113 Frequency meter: RZ- 112Ammeter: RZ-111 China is strong in the electron and specialize in the multi-functional electric instrument, harmonic wave analyzer, the electric instrument of network, electric quantity transducer, pick up tables, pick up tables, the three-phase current voltmeter in single-phase intelligence in three-phase intelligence, the voltmeter of the single phase current, DJR heater, warm humidity controller, ZN series intelligence is a pair of digital display, the time-recorder, time relay, flowrate integrating instrument, single-circuit intelligent controller, the intelligent controller of dual loop, intelligence is hand operated, the flash alarms of No. eight, intellectual signal isolater, the distributor, multi-channel polling instrument, wait for various digital display meters, there is the need that invites Q me: 445714072 telephone numbers: 13486750124

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