QCX2, LE1-D electromagnetic starter

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QCX2(LE1-D) Serial magnetic starters are suitable for exchanging 50Hz or 60Hz, the nominal insulation voltage is 660V, the specified working power is in 45KW and the following circuit, as controlling the alternating current motor to start, stop and the overload protection one is used. This product is made up of AC contactor, electrical relay in hot year, put in the protective cover with general dustproof ability, and there are buttons of easily operated. The electrical relay has temperature compensation and automatic and manual reset function in hot year, can be stiff to move the adjusting knob and carry on the setting of the electric current. The electrical relay also interrupts in the protection mechanism in hot year, when the electric motor is interrupting to operate, can cut off the electric motor power and carry on phase-failure protection.

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