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ML-XD trickle earthes the monitor system, specially directs against the comprehensive automating power substation, solve single-phase ground detection problem of the little current grounding system. ( 6- 35) After earthing the integrated automation of system implementation with kV trickle, single-phase electrical grounding protection is solved. The centralized control pattern that it adopts this system, employ the neural network technique, automatic " study " The environment for use, employ " ability law " , " active power law " And " magnitude method of sudden change " Shut the intersection of decision and principle synthetically, run mode, size with a wide gap earthing the intersection of intensity and influence of scheduling problem in line system, automaticity is high, especially solved the earth leakage protection that the neutral point passed the grounded system of arc suppression coil. Realize the printing in real time of ground fault, permanent memory. Can control 140 branches at most. Company products: ZBL-L mining explosion suppression type undervoltage drain protective device, ZBL-H mining explosion suppression type high-pressure drain protective device, ML-XN/98-7 trickle earthes the protective device of the computer, RSA2010 integrated protection of high-pressure computer for mining observes and controls the device, idle work comprehensive controlling device, LMFY (H) of earth leakage protection device VQC- 5 voltage of JD- 1000 undervoltage Cable type zero sequence current transformer, LMFZ-10KV/600A a zero sequence current transformer of casement, ML-XX computer resonance-eliminating device, ZBL-Z mining explosion suppression type high-low voltage drain monitor system, ML-XD trickle earth the monitor system, RSA-800 series computer and protect and observe and control the device. Websites: telephone number: 0519- 87235988 Fax: 0519- 88325158 contacts: Wang Xiaohua 13801497638

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