Soft starter device of the high-pressure liquid state

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First, summary

YKMGD(LXMGD) Serial high-pressure squirrel-cage electrical machinery liquids hinder softly and start the cupboard (are abbreviate as: The high-pressure liquid hinders the cupboard, water hinders the cupboard, the resistance cupboard, the liquid state is soft to start the cupboard, soft starter of the liquid) It is started that the ones that are suitable for the specified voltage for 3~10KV large and medium-sized synchronous or asynchronous squirrel-cage electrical machinery are soft. Under the static condition of work, the same as reactor performance; Under the dynamic condition of work, can realize stepless starting continuously. Because its one that utilized liquid resistance was defeated by the temperature characteristic, made the end voltage of the electrical machinery rise progressively, start the torque and increase progressively too, therefore the electrical machinery starts more steadily. Especially this system is simple in construction, highly reliable, not merely economical and practical, and install it with easy to operate, safeguard convenience.

It is applied to metallurgy extensively, building materials, the lifting again of high-pressure electrical machineries of all large and medium capacity such as the pumps, air blower, compressor, breaker, belt transmitting machine of mine, petrochemical industry, water supply, power industry,etc.,etc, it is ideal substitute products that the traditional reactor steps down to starting, start directly. This series exchange the liquid state of the motor under high pressure softly and start the main performance characteristic of the cupboard as follows:

Start electric current to be little but smooth and not striking, has reduced the electric wire netting to pigeonhole and lower notably, guarantee the reliable operation of the electric wire netting, protect motor and transmission machinery effectively.

Adopt advanced control technology, the control making the motor start the course is responded to faster, the precision is higher.

The motor can be presetted while starting the electric current, meet different operating mode, starting requirement supported.

Two operation principle

This device is that a of a bunch of variable liquid resistance steps down in starting way in the stator return circuit of electrical machinery, namely with the starting of the main motor, the device changes the liquid resistance to move, book the interval between the polar plate automatically, make the resistance linearity reduce evenly, a that the electrical machinery end voltage improves evenly starts the way.

After the host computer starts, the soft starter totally breaks away from or is in zero potential the main return circuit, the movable polar plate resets automatically, in order that movements are easy to prepare from next time.

Three types

LXMGD-280, LXMGD-500, LXMGD-630, LXMGD-800, LXMGD-1000, LXMGD-1250, LXMGD-1600, LXMGD-2000, LXMGD-2500, LXMGD-3200, LXMGD-4000, LXMGD-5000, LXMGD-6000, LXMGD-8000, LXMGD-10000;

YKMGD-280, YKMGD-500, YKMGD-630, YKMGD-800, YKMGD-1000, YKMGD-1250, YKMGD-1600, YKMGD-2000, YKMGD-2500, YKMGD-3200, YKMGD-4000, YKMGD-5000, YKMGD-6000, YKMGD-8000, YKMGD-10000,

Four main technical parameters

Specified voltage (KV virtual value)




Supreme voltage (KV virtual value)




Electric liquid case engineering is able to bear pressing (KV) frequently (virtual value)

As to the ground




The same one




Minimum electric interval (mm)




Start the electric current / specified electric current (Iq/Ie)

2.5- 3.5 (adjustable in the scene)

The liquid hinders the normal working temperature ' ¡æ)

0- 70

Start time (S)

10- 60- 120 (adjustable in the scene)

Protect the grade

IP20, IP30

Start the number of times continuously ' Time)

< 1250KW

3- 4

Greater than or equal to 1250KW

2- 3

Note: Starting the electric current can be controlled to minimum in a situation that the systematic resistance square of load allows.

Five models and a scheme

A scheme is pursued ' Can realize that form a complete set with many kinds of cupboards type such as GG1A, XGN, KYN, JYN, GZS)

Comments: The inner component of dotted line frame hinders the starting apparatus for the liquid in the chart.

Six order notice

Please offer the following materials while ordering:

Motor type, rated power, specified voltage, specified electric current, stator connect the law (Y, Whether the asterism could be opened;

If needing to make emulation should offer the load characteristic that the motor pull, Iq/Ie, Mq/Me, Mmax/Me, GD2, electric wire netting short out capacity ¡ì d and operating mode explain;

Apparatus surface color;

If users have other special requirements, can consult with our company and order.

Supply the liquid and hinder the fittings of the cupboard seven times, for instance, the liquid hinders the cupboard and electrolyzes the powder, the water tank, the actuator specializedly, direct current rejects and the fittings.

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