To the arc mould 1Quintessence machine factory of quay city 0317-8383012

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0317-8383012 13833972629 quintessence machine factories of quay city are professional units producing tool material measure. Quay city that lies to the south of Beijing. The staples is as follows, dull and stereotyped material measure series (the material measure of the platform) : Casting iron plateform, casting iron platform, basic plateform, T profiled groove plateform, examining plateform, rivet welding plateform, score line plateform, bench hand's work bench. Flat ruler series: Parallel flat ruler, bridge shape flat ruler, magnesium aluminium light flat ruler, magnesium aluminium flat ruler, angle block, square, angle chi; Granite material measure series (granite material measure, marble material measure) : Granite plateform, flat ruler of granite, granite square, the granite square chi, granite square box, granite V-type piece, granite meter seat survey meter, dull and stereotyped support, granite T profiled groove plateform, colored hillock; V-type series: Padding iron of ladder, V section iron, V shape rack; Lean towards the pendulum meter series: Run-out tester, new the intersection of run-out and tester, gear beat for the tester; Padding iron series: Lathe damped padding iron, lathe adjust padding iron; The material measure series of the whorl: The smooth terminal hole uses the gage, the lathe examines the excellent and cylindrical angle square, check smooth specialized ring, sine bar, axle and equilibrate the support, whorl to fill in the ladder-type rule of the ring gauge with cardboard stopper cardboard, steel V shape rack, emery wheel; Special spanner series: Single head to stay spanner, beat, stay spanner, beat plum blossom (hexagon) The spanner, excellent double offset ring spanner of sledge, raised beat the double offset ring spanner, curved (straight) Shank double offset ring spanner, heavy-duty bush; Other series: Plate the chrome jack, row the drum, brushes and paints jacks. All according to the production of national standard, the nonstandard products, according to user's drawing production among them.

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