The mountain special UPS in Dongguan is had a monopoly in

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It is designed that the specially reserve type TG500/TG1000 products characteristic of mountain are superlight and ultrathin to enter into the family and environment of working easily, help you to save the usefull space. As to PC user, the state crowded to capacity makes easily, harmonious around the computer. The faceplate is succinct and lucid and lively, easy to operate.Advanced high-frequency technology transplants PWM high-frequency technology that the mountain specially online UPS adopts, operating frequency is up to 40KHz, makes the volume greatly shrink, it is more convenient to use.SMD manufacture process Adopt SMD ' Surface mounting) Technology, change components such as the resistance, electric capacity, triode,etc. inserted on PC plate into SMD tag and install, routing is more rational, the effective saving in space, reduce the interference, has further improved the reliability of the complete machine.The charger charger project organization of the safety type is more compact, charging circuit and inverter circuit cross correlation, not only realize charged promptness but also can protect the battery, lengthen the life time of the battery.UPS automatic simulation deenergization state, and support self test to components such as the inverter, battery,etc. while monitoring the starting up oneself, it is easy to discover the problems in time. Do not know the operation of the influence computer because of trouble of UPS at ordinary times.Diagnose UPS monitor battery voltage all the time, charge too high or discharge too dark, oneself, automatic shut-down is charged, effective extension UPS complete machine and service life of the battery.The built-in high-quality valve-controlled lead-acid battery adopts the original packaging high-quality non-maintaining valve-controlled lead-acid battery, the electricity is lasting, steady, improve the service reliability of UPS effectively. The technical parameter type TG500 TG1000 specified capacity 500VA/300W 1000VA/600W inputs the voltage (165VAC- 265VAC) Voltage 220* (1± 10%) of ± 7VAC output VAC (battery mode)Frequency (50 ± 1) Hz (battery mode)Valve-controlled lead-acid battery Voltage / capacity * quantity 12V/7AH * 1 12V/7AH and * 2 stand-by time (six months) Greater than or equal to 7 minutes Charging duration Less than or equal to 10 hours Export the socket ' National standard)2 3 periods of change-over time <10ms ????W譊譎(mm譵m譵m) 80?232?177 91?283?238 ??(??)Kg 3.6 6.8

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