Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit of the roof

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The roof air conditioner application area of constant temperature and humidity: Constant temperature and humidity roof air conditioner is applied to the national defence project, project of people's air defense, tobacco and wine, petrochemical industry trade, spaceflight field, purifying the project, laboratory, telecom apparatus room, pharmacy, electronic factory building,etc. need constant temperature and humidity, place of air cleaning. The characteristic of the products: 1. The cold heat source of air conditioning unit self-carrying of constant temperature and humidity roof, for the air-cooled evaporating air-conditioning equipment directly, the whole air-conditioning system is only made up of outdoor host computers and indoor tuber pipes, does not need cooling water and frozen water system, it is simple and convenient to install and use, save users to make the investment, especially suit the water-deficient area. 2. There are no movement machinery and conduit systematically in the indoor of the roof air conditioner of constant temperature and humidity, have avoided noise and water leakage are worried. 3. Constant temperature and humidity roof air conditioning unit is designed to install and use in the open on the roof or outdoor vacant lot, prevent the sun from shining suddenly and violently, characteristics such as corrosion proofing, defending the torrential rain,etc., can save the computer lab of air conditioner and project expenses of the building construction at the same time. 4. Evaporator and air conditioner of the roof air conditioner of constant temperature and humidity adopt the heat transfer technology of ruggedization, energy-efficient; The main accessories choose the imported quality product, of good performance. 5. Constant temperature and humidity the intersection of roof and air conditioning unit possess various the intersection of air treatment and function, can help, realize air cleaning, dehumidify, moisten, refrigerate, heating many kinds of function. In addition it does not have snail's shell type to make the aircrew more compact that the air blower can be chosen.

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