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The KF-6600 series cable tester basically makes up

The cable trouble tester examines, seeks the foot-path, three major parts by fixed position to make up from flashing.

The cable can examine the appearance while flashing the one end test in the trouble cable produces distance from trouble point. Can also be used for examining the length of the cable and spread speed in the cable of the electric wave.

The accurate localization used for trouble point of the fixed appearance, move towards the concrete position that can survey the trouble point within the range of measurement of the trouble point distance accurately along the cable.

Produce and modulate route appearance it for seeking and if you can't last cable, move towards pulse signal and depth will bury at spend.

Overall technological function

All kinds of troubles of the cable that copper of voltage grade, aluminium core high, low pressure are electric under testable various types of 35kV. The spread speed of the electric waves of four kinds of cables such as cable and polyvinyl chloride cable has already been presetted in the instrument in the common oil immersion paper cable, hand in and unite polyethylene cable, not drip flowing. The cable length and measurement in the distance of trouble are that the screen reveals directly that does not need to convert manually.

Open circuit, shorting out and high holding in place with a net trouble of hindering flashing of the electric cable, hindering the leaking trouble high of the testable various types of cable.

Test the distance: Dual ends test the distance 16km.

Error: The relative error is smaller than ¡À 2%, the under absolute error kilometer cable does not exceed 15 meters, one kilometer of the above cables does not exceed 20 meters.

Accurate fixed error:< 10cm

KF-6600 type possesses the standard computer interface, forms a complete set and tests the software. One pair of screens reveals the function. Can adopt the liquid crystal display mode to operate independently, can also test and manage with the notebook computer.

The money of Hebei river electric utensil Co., Ltd. relies on advanced innovative idea and spirit to rely on the leading technical information of international power industry of China and is devoted to electricity and electric communication It is tested that the instrument and apparatus test the voltage transformer of the apparatus tests the apparatus mutual inductor test assays the relay protection of the apparatus to test earthing the apparatus measures the facility switching under high pressure, arrester and other test apparatuses The cable tests the apparatus The communication runs the apparatus communication tests the reseach of the instrument Development Production The money of Hebei river electric utensil Co., Ltd. depends on technological innovation and energy-conserving emission reduction new technology Promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

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