LM-380A line number inker

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LM-380A line number inker (MAX Company produces) Printing reaching and printing the function fast of high speed, can offer 25mm / second print speed, can print, appear 35 20mm maximum to it prints length to be 20m in sleeve pipe in single section in long sleeve pipe at a high speed within one minute, cut a one hundred sheets of depth adjustably for 5m, has prevented cutting the premature damage of one hundred sheets in label Durable high performance was designed with the durable high function characteristic, the transmission structure and gear metal alloy steel of one group of departments, the improvement of this structure makes its service life lengthen greatly Material that labelled Sleeve pipe: 0.752, 1.02, 1.52, 2.52, 4.02, 6.02 The paper of label: 5mm, 9mm, 12mm (yellowish-white two colors) Use the PC to edit the powerful on-line specialized software, can store the large memory unit within a large number of written historical materials needing to print while allocating CF card, can store 40000 characters to the greatest extent Display screen and consumptive material have large-scale the intersection of LCD and the intersection of liquid crystal and screen can reveal Chinese, English the intersection of typewriter ribbon and getting replaceable economic specialized typewriter ribbon, can save to presume 60mm in biggest paragraph of the cost in a large amount, the sleeve pipe is minimum can presume 10mm, the label is minimum can presume " 13718834585 are tight " to specialize in every style in 5mm our company: The intersection of line and the intersection of symbol and inker, electronic the intersection of line and the intersection of symbol and machine, mark, reflect the intersection of line and the intersection of symbol and machine, NTC play the intersection of number and machine and MAX play the intersection of number and machine, large side play the intersection of number and plane. S600, LM-380A, LM-370E, M-11C, C-100T, TP60A, TP66A. Brother's bar code machine, PT-11280, PT-1650, PT-18R, PT-2700, PT-3600, PT-9500PC brother's label machine, it bring brother label, brother label,etc. series of products and materials (line symbol, sleeve pipe, label relevant, stick to paper, sign, cable to list,etc.) . The intersection of price and person who sign, the intersection of bar code and plane, label machine, dry glue label 13718834585 piece urgent

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