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Germany Electronicon condenser

Germany Electronicon condenser, the condenser for over 70 years produces the experience, it is the important condenser supplier of Europe, it is the electric members of association of manufacturer of Germany.

Electronicon electric and electronic condenser applied to extensively: High-pressure direct current transmits electricity (HVDC) ,It has no work to compensate (SVC) that resting type , wind-power electricity generation, electric locomotive draw, hand in direct current electric transmission, excitation, the intersection of high pressure and soft start, high-pressure frequency conversion, rectifier, of different mechanical jack-up apparatus to go against the ng device, wait a moment.

Introduce in detail:
Electric electric capacity
Lead overvoltage protection by oneself ' Machinery cuts off the way)
There is the best capacity that compares with volume performance
It is good to resume the characteristic by oneself, performance is steady
It is young to vary with temperature, service life reaches 100, 00h
Low power dissipation, is suitable for high-power, large electric current, able to bear pressing, high wave to well up application highed

Employ: Used in the power factor to correct etc.
Seriation products:
Series E62.XXX
Parameter range: 2.5uF-2000uF/800VDC-6300VDC
Employ: MKP-AC/DC electric capacity, common electric capacity, it is reversing to used in, strain the wave, energy storage.
253.XXX series
Parameter range: 0.1uF-340uF/500VAC-3500VAC
Employ: MPP-AC electric capacity, are used for charging straining the wave of circuit.
Series E53.XXX
Parameter range: 8uF-300uF/500VDC-1400VDC
Employ: Low sense AC/DC electric capacity, and absorbing to GTO, the large electric current circuit of intermediate frequency, the low sense of the large electric current buffers the circuit.
261.XXX series
Parameter range: 0.1uF-3uF/1000VDC-2000VDC
Employ: IGBT - absorb the electric capacity (the bolt, install the way directly) ,Able to bear the high wave and well up the electric current.
The motor starts the electric capacity

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